Monday, August 11, 2014

Dorothy Caldwell workshop

I was so fortunate to take Dorothy Caldwell's human mark making workshop last week. We were under a big tent on the grounds of Langs Pioneer Village-it was so idyllic! Stitching, painting and chatting for three days, while listening to sheep and crowing roasters. 

Dorothy is a gentle, enthusiastic and generous teacher. And she produces wonderful work. I am trying to make sense of what I learned-how to move the ideas into my work. It was such fun.
finger prints on paper-but look at the grey pebbles around the paper-that's a quilt!

Dorothy showing us a piece created by students from the "blindfold stitching" exercise we did.

close up- random marks are the blindfold stitches, surrounded by Kantha stitch

A small table besides Dorothy's sewing chair-where she does ALL her stitching.